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PRP For Hair Loss in West Palm Beach

The Top Option for Many People with Androgenic and Other Types of Alopecia

This is a highly effective non-surgical hair restoration jump-start technique of using PRP for Androgenetic Alopecia and many other hair loss conditions.

Hair Restoration and Rejuvenation:

  • Stimulate the growth of healthy hair
  • Reduce the effects of hair thinning
  • Effective and affordable non-surgical procedure
  • And so much more…

Get our PRP and cellular hair therapy clinicians to rejuvenate your hair and restore its healthy growth!

The PRP Hair Restoration Therapy Process


A small amount of blood is drawn.


Platelets are separated


PRP is concentrated


The concentrated PRP is introduced into the scalp

Result: Hair Growth

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PRP for Hair Restoration Is The Answer.

Finally a Hair Loss Treatment Without Surgery!

Hair loss is one of the most disappointing cosmetic issues that can happen to both men and women. Hair loss can lead to a drastic deterioration in confidence. For those that are looking to reverse the effects of hair loss, Our PRP therapy is a useful option. At Hair Vista we feel this non-invasive procedure is a therapy option that can work on both men and women. PRP therapy was developed due to new medical research and the advancement of technology within the medical community. Scientific studies have recently been published discussing PRP hair restoration technique as an all-natural and non-invasive procedure that has been found to stimulate the growth of hair and to reduce the effects of thinning.

PRP Hair Restoration in West Palm Beach Mini FAQ

PRP hair restoration technique as an all-natural and non-invasive procedure that has been found to stimulate the growth of hair and to reduce the effects of thinning.

It is important that patients are correctly evaluated by a medical professional concentrating on hair loss and hair restoration prior to commencing therapy to determine if they are candidates.

Good candidates for Platelet Rich Plasma Hair Therapy are men and women who have experienced natural hair thinning or hair loss. The best candidates for the Platelet Rich Plasma treatment are those that do not have a long history of scarring Alopecia.

PRP works on the basis of utilizing growth factors within the platelets. Seven growth factors exist in normal platelets. These growth factors enter the hair bulb circulation and stimulate the stem cells. This leads to reactivation of the follicles.

Out of all of the products that you can find on the market today regarding hair growth, PRP is probably the most effective. Keep in mind that results may vary from patient to patient.

To find out if you are a good candidate for PRP hair rejuvenation, Hair Vista to setup your appointment. Generally, PRP therapy is a great option for many men and women that are looking to restore their confidence and healthy hair growth.

Regain Your Confidence with Our Non-Surgical Hair Loss Solutions in West Palm Beach, FL

If you have experienced hair thinning and hair loss, we understand the difficulties and inconvenience this can cause in everyday life. Our center provides expert evaluation of the hair follicles and connected body systems and offers highly efficient medical non-surgical hair restoration treatments in West Palm Beach that allow you to regain and keep your hair with minimal to no downtime. The center offers advanced procedures and techniques to restore hair and prevent future hair loss, including Platelet Rich Plasma hair restoration, Exosomes, Dutasteride Mesotherapy, BOTOX hair restoration, Microneedling, and prescription medications for hair regrowth. We invite you to visit our leading hair restoration & anti-aging clinic in West Palm Beach.

Exosomal Treatment of Hair Loss

Topical application of exosomes may help restore the follicles and regrow hair in many cases of hair loss. This innovative treatment has been clinically shown to be effective in both men and women in the earlier stages of hair loss when the follicles are still able to recover from the damage caused by androgenic activity, metabolic problems, toxins, stress, malnutrition, oxidative stress and other factors.

Exosomes are micro-vesicles (30-150nm) that are involved in promoting scalp tissue and follicle healing by inhibiting inflammation, promoting angiogenesis, modulating local immune response and rebuilding of the healthy scalp and follicle tissues. Exosomes are micro-vesicles and contain no nucleus or polynucleotide chains. They can be regarded as the purest form of treatment available because their function is to direct tissue and wound healing by activating the patient’s own restorative response. This is one of the latest generations of naturally bioactive products for patient treatment. The unique benefit to Exosomes is that they bring a wide array of growth factors to stimulate and modulate many processes within the healing cascade.

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  • Get Thicker, Stronger, Great Looking Hair! …Naturally Without Surgery! Restore & Grow Hair with Non-Surgical Hair Therapy
  • Over 4,000 Hair Restoration Procedures Performed.
  • Stimulate the Growth of Healthy Hair
  • Reduce the Effects of Hair Thinning
  • Effective And Afforable Non-Surgical Procedure
  • And So Much More…
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Meet Beata Kombel, MSN, NP-C

Providing the Latest and Best treatments in Functional, Restorative and Preventative Medicine.

Led by our Medical Director, Beata Kombel, MSN, NP-C, our patient-focused team offers over 30 years of experience in Wellness and Anti-Aging Therapies.

Beata Kombel, MSN, NP-C, APRN is an experienced Board-Certified Nurse Practitioner with the full practice authority in Florida specializing in non-surgical regenerative and anti-aging therapies, conventional and functional/integrative medicine and nutrition. Beata is licensed in the state of Florida and New York.

Beata Kombel, APRN employs natural regeneration therapies using blood components and orthobiologics for joint restoration and various non-surgical techniques for hair loss. Her whole-body holistic approach to treating patients is what makes her stand out among other providers.

Graduate of Stony Brook University in New York, worked many years at the Center for Balanced Health in New York with its founder Dr. Berkowitz, an expert in traditional and complementary medicine.

Currently, to complement her functional care practice she also integrates the benefits of natural, non-invasive, pain-relieving, self-healing orthopedic regenerative therapies.

Beata Kombel, APRN is highly experienced in balancing hormones and elevating hormone deficiency symptoms with HRT and TRT therapies. In the practice she only uses quality components from leading compounding pharmacies in the US.

Beata Kombel, APRN has been an avid advocate of advanced forms of IV therapy to restore health and wellness such as NAD+, glutathione and various vitamin cocktails.

She understands that one approach doesn’t fit all, so she will not only work with you to plan the right path for you but will guide you toward reaching your goal. You will work together to help you recover from illness more quickly, prevent disease, boost energy, increase athletic performance, feel and look better, and become you again.

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